About Us

Aleksey Moskalenko in office

ECO-SPACE HOLDING was founded for different goals, but main idea of every company, which is part of Holding is one: to make the region, country and Europe more clean place by recycling products and waste management.


Aleksey Moskalenko is father of two children and believe that their future must be life in more clean atmosphere, in using more clean products and care about Planet.

Aleksey Moskalenko in Austria, before meeting with team of ENGEL company


ECO-SPACE Holding was founded by combining three companies working in the field of rubber tires recycling, waste management, production of wheels for garbage containers by Aleksey Moskalenko. First company – RostEco Ltd. existing in Russian Federation from 2015 and has very high profit results on Russian recycling market.

Aleksey Moskalenko born in 1983 in Rostov. His mother is constructing engineer, has lots of awards from government for great work on civil construction market. His father his father worked as chief health officer of North – Caucasian railway.
Aleksey graduated in Rostov State University of Economical sciences and started his professional career in 2000 in Industrial Goup “MAIR”. In 5 years Aleksey Moskalenko made a great career from the Manager to the General Director of one division of Industrial Group: he became chef officer of 4 ports, 400 workers and 28 working platforms.


In 2010 Aleksey Moskalenko became the vice-president of International Holding with base in Cyprus. After one year working in Cyprus, Aleksey turn back to Russia and continued his professional career as Provision Director of DonLom Ltd. One year later Aleksey changed the working place and continue the work as Provision Director of IMPS Trade Ltd.

Aleksey Moskalenko with partners in office