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Compost or is organic matter that has been decomposed in a process called composting. This process recycles various organic materials otherwise regarded as waste products and produces a soil conditioner (the compost)


Plastic will be sold in two types
1st type: PET pellets for further processing.
2nd: ready, clean products – plastic flakes granules selected by type and color
Packing: Big bags
Measurement: tons


Glass Crumb – ready product will be sold directly to the factories.
Measurement: tons


The paper will be sorted into two types
1st type: cardboard, carton
2nd type: newspapers, magazines and other A4 paper
Output will be in the form of pressed paper briquettes for further sale to the plant.
Measurement: tons


Aluminum briquettes
The aluminum briquettes after sorting will fall on the additional line Eldan, where they will undergo a complete cleaning from metal inclusions and all inclusions not related to aluminum. Aluminum flakes will be made with a frequency of 99% and further re-briquetting.
Measurement: tons

Rubber crumb

Rubber crumb will be produced in two fractions:
1-3 mm
2-4 mm
The product will be packaged:
1 bag – 25 kg
1 Bigbag – 1000 kg

Rubber tiles

Description: Plant for production of technical articles using rubber granule derived from recycled rubber tires.
Article produced: Safety floor tiles in the sizes and quantities shown here

Rubber Tiles Sizes

ECO-SPACE Holding - About Us

ECO-SPACE Holding was founded by combining three companies working in the field of rubber tires recycling, waste management, production of wheels for garbage containers by Aleksey Moskalenko. First company – RostEco Ltd. existing in Russian Federation from 2015 and has very high profit results on Russian recycling market.